Sweetest shop in Rexburg, Idaho
  1. International Favorites
    International Favorites
    No money to travel abroad for your favorite treat? Now you don't have to, as we carry one of the largest selections of International sweets in Eastern Idaho.
  2. Hundreds of Sodas
    Hundreds of Sodas
    We stock the largest selection of sodas in glass bottles in Eastern Idaho, including over 100 different types of root beer. Stop by to see if your favorite is in stock.
  3. Old Time Favorites
    Old Time Favorites
    Find your childhood favorites like Wax Bottles, Pop Rocks, or Razzles. We also have sodas from the past like Grape Nehi and Cheerwine.
About Us
We are avid runners and lovers of almost anything sweet.   We have always joked how we exercise to burn calories to help offset the sweets we love so much, hence the name, Runnin 4 Sweets. 

We truly believe there is something magical about sweets and chocolate that makes everyone’s day a little brighter and happier. 

When we first opened the shop we mainly had candy and chocolate we were familiar with and enjoyed.  However, as we began to seek out our customer’s favorite sweets, we were introduced to many other great and wonderful treats—many of which have become our new favorites!

Today our store has more than doubled in size from its humble beginnings in 2011.  Almost half of the candy, chocolate and sodas we currently carry come from our loyal customers encouraging us to find their “all-time favorite” treat.  Thanks to them, we now carry hundreds of popular sweets from many different parts of the U.S. and from around the world.  We also now boast of the largest selection of root beers in Eastern Idaho with over 100 different root beers and over 350 other varieties of bottled soda.

If you are what you eat, then truly we are the sweetest people and Runnin 4 Sweets is the sweetest place in Rexburg!

Mike and Patti Lehman

Contact Us

Store Hours: Mon-Sat 11:00am-8:00pm
Phone: (208)359-2534
Email: Patti@runnin4sweets.com
Address: 58 East Main Street, Rexburg, ID 83440